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2008 Tanga Open Fishing Competion
For the third year, Tanga Cement has again sponsored Tanga Open fishing competition which involved various skippers from different parts of the country. The competition known as Tanga Cement Open Fishing Competition, held at Tanga Yatch Club from Saturday 25 to Sunday 26 October 2008. The Company had used Tzs7m to sponsor the event. The sponsorship amount covered sports gears given to the winners as prizes.

Speaking at the award-giving ceremony, Tanga Cement Managing Director, Mr Juerg Fluehmann, applauded all participants who turned up during this year's competition in spite of all obstacles that stood in their way. "The climatic conditions were not favorable, reduced fish that is attributed by illegal fishing by small scale fishermen who uses nets and dynamite, but I congratulate some of us who excelled" he said. The Managing Director also encouraged people to use Simba Cement by saying, "I call upon you to continue using Simba Cement products so that we can be able to support your competitions as well."

During this year's competition, which took two days, eight boats participated including eight fishermen; two from Dar es salaam, two from Arusha and four from Tanga region. In that competition, Jim Bell, former General Manager of Mobited (now Tigo) had been named the winner of Tanga Cement Open Fishing Competition 2008.


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