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Corporate Social Investments

As in previous years, Tanga Cement PLC continued to make signifi cant community investments. This was done through our Corporate Social Investment program, with the aim of maintaining good corporate citizenship, uplifting Tanzanian communities and developing social infrastructure for those around us.

Our commitment to social development follows the principle of giving back to the lives that we touch, either directly or indirectly. This is done to ensure the long-term sustainability of the communities around us and beyond. The social infrastructure projects with which TCCL was involved in 2012 were in the areas of health, education, community development and the environment, these being the major focus areas of our CSI policy.

During the year, the Company spent a total of Tzs 405.8m on various community projects in the country, some of the main ones being:

Arusha Technical College
This is an on-going project with the aim of assisting some of the practical activities at the college. The college received both cash and cement support from TCCL.

Olchoroyokie Village School
The village school received twenty-fi ve tons of cement from TCCL for its expansion project. The school is in the Arusha region.

Tanga Police Force/Tanga Regional Business Fund Against Crime
This is Tanga CTI’s outreach initiative which aims to make Tanga a safer place. TCCL, being a member of CTI, has been involved with this scheme by supporting the Tanga Police Force in various ways. The Company donated two motor cycles for the police force, bought new tyres for the police cars and renovated the police staff houses.

Kichangani Village
The Company constructed the fi rst and only village health centre for this neighbouring area, which is home to a number of our employees and contractors.

Rosminian Health Centre
On World Blood Donor Day, TCCL arranged donated a blood bank to this health centre. At the same time sixty-nine TCCL employees donated blood to Bombo Regional Hospital and a total of fi fty-nine units were provided.

Medeye Secondary School
This new school needed to accommodate its secondary school students and was assisted by TCCL. The Company built a block of two classrooms and a block of two toilets and furnished the classrooms with seventy desks and chairs.

Mughamo Secondary School
This school is in the Singida region. The Company assisted by building two classrooms, one block of two toilets and furnishing classrooms with seventy desks and chairs.

Mangowele Primary School
This is one of many primary schools in the Mtwara region that is critically short of classrooms and desks. TCCL decided to assist this school after seeing the problems that the school is facing. Two classrooms, one block of toilets and pupils’ desks were donated to the school.

Beth Saida Secondary School
This is a secondary school for disadvantaged girls. Most of the girls in this school are orphaned and do not have any support apart from the school and donors. Being situated in a suburb of Dar es Salaam, the school is in need of teachers’ houses within the school compound. TCCL supported this school by building a teacher’s house.

Raskazoni Women Group
The Company donated a total of twenty-seven mattresses to this women’s group to support the Tanga Old Age Home. The home is facing various problems, one being a shortage of bedding materials. In addition to these projects, TCCL has involved itself in various community development projects around the country by partnering with stakeholders in a number of areas. Cash donations have, however, been discouraged, as we believe giving cash does not ensure long term sustainability for a community. Instead, the Company has concentrated on putting up structures that can be used or shared by the whole local

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