Tanga Cement
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Sustainable Development
  Corporate Social Investments
  Safety & Environment Perfomance
  Occupational Health & Safety
  Environmental Policy
  CSR Mission & Policy Statement
Safety & Environmental Performance
  • Our safety performance in 2012 achieved a historical record, whereby in October we recorded 12 months without a lost time injury, hence a Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) of zero over a 12 month period, and 0.65 by year end. Safety in Tanga Cement PLC is not only a priority but a VALUE, for which responsibility is shared by everyone on site - employees, contractors and visitors alike.

  • We also achieved an important milestone in our environmental performance, following the upgrade of the ESP during the year. Emissions from the kiln stack have been reduced to 50mg/Nm3

  • under normal conditions, comfortably below the current legal limit of 500mg/Nm3 and well ahead of the legal deadline of December 2013, after which emissions may not exceed 50mg/ maintained, with internal environmental audits as well as external surveillance audits

  • We continued with tree planting initiatives in our quarried landscapes and in the open areas of our property, where in May 2012 we planted over 10,000 eucalyptus trees. The 3,600 teak trees planted two years ago are now thriving.

    Safety and environmental initiatives compliment and motivate our
    policy commitment that “WE CARE FOR THE WELLBEING OF ALL
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