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MEDIA RELEASE: Simba Cement Sponsors ITF/CAT East African Junior Championships

Dar es Salaam, 06 January 2013 – Tanga Cement PLC , through its product, Simba Cement is sponsoring the ITF/CAT East African Junior Championships that gets underway at the Dar es Salaam from 6th to 12th January 2013.

A total of 62 junior tennis players aged 12 to 15 years from across the region have confirmed their participation in this championship. Participating countries are Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan and the host Tanzania. For Tanzania, there are two teams, Tanzania A and Tanzania B with the total number of 22 players of which boys are 12 and the remaining 10 are girls.

In 2012, Simba Cement paid ITF subscriptions and other arrears for Tanzania Tennis Association which allowed the association membership to be revived, and that is what has given a chance for the country to be able to participate and host this championship.

Tennis is a sport that has not gained popularity in Tanzania, due to little knowledge among people about tennis. Reason of this is because little efforts have been made to promote this sport in the country. Tanga Cement PLC proudly sponsored most of the tennis events in Tanzania for the whole of last year, we sponsored the famous Simba Cement International Tennis tournament, we brought in an international coach to train junior tennis players, we sponsored a Davis Cup camp under international tennis coach in Tanga, we paid the subscriptions and arrears for the Tanzania Tennis Association in the ITF, we brought in the world number one wheel chair tennis player, Stephane Houdet, just to mention a few.

Our call to other organisations, companies and other institutions is to join hands with TCCL and sponsor more tennis events in Tanzania, we believe Tennis can be a popular sport like football and other sports.

Tanga Cement PLC wish all players good luck in the tournament and we look forward to the event.

Tanga Cement PLC
06 January 2013



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