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Media Release:
Tanga Cement PLC conducts Trees Planting activity with students from Rosmini High School

22 August 2015 -

Tanga Cement Public Limited Company conducts a tree planting activity which took place at Pongwe on an area adjacent to the factory. The activity involved students from Rosmini High School. The activity is part of the company Corporate Social Investment which focuses on ensuring environment sustainability in all surrounding communities.

Speaking during the event Tanga Cement PLC Risk Manager Mr Leon Breedt said; we are a company that values and care for our environment. We believe for people to work effectively, they need a good and sustainable environment hence this can be achieved through planting more trees at different area. We conduct this activity this activity as part of the company contribution to education on environmental conversation and practical tree planting skills”.

He further added;” I call upon other companies, institutions and individuals to join hands together in enhancing better and good environment in our communities. If we all come as one and monitor our environment today and take action in everything, we will be able to fight global warming and become good ambassadors in our community’’.

 Tanga Cement PLC has already spent Tzs46651120 in its CSR activities in 2015; with the four major focus areas remaining; Education, Health, Community development and Environment.

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