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MEDIA RELEASE:Tanga Cement PLC Sales and Marketing department organizes a marketing conference

Arusha, 21 February 2015

Tanga Cement PLC Sales and Marketing department organized a marketing conference for all of its distributors and customers from all over regions. The event was held on 21 February 2015 in Arusha at Arumeru River Lodge. It involved invites from Government institutions also. Aim of the conference was to introduce new Simba logo, marketing strategies for the Year 2015 and to thank our customers and distributers for their loyalty towards simba brand.

The day was marked out by various activities that involved creating a closer inner circle among Tanga Cement Company and its distributors. The conference also recognized the most outstanding distributor for the year 2014 and the most growing distributor. Prizes were given to the two winners which included a trophy, certificate of recognition plus a trip to South Africa.

Speaking during the event, Tanga Cement PLC Managing Director said;” I would like to thank you all for accepting our invitation and coming together today. I also I like to thank the Sales and Marketing team for organizing this event in order to congratulate and share future plans for the year 2015 as we want to sale more than we did in the last year. To all of us, today we join hands and become one big family of Team Simba. May we all work hard towards pushing our product to the top. The inner circle we created today as Simba family let it be used to communicate and push our product to the peak. I believe as a Team is possible to achieve all we plan for the year 2015”.

The event also introduced a new team member to all invitees. Tanga Cement PLC commercial manager Mr Mattheus Roos was introduced to the invitees and given chance to share the plans for the year 2015 as we want to reach a goal of selling 4000 tonnes per day. The event was flunked by a drumming session which included drummers from South Africa as a part of communicating and creating inner circle among all invitees. Drums were distributed to all the invitees during the dinner so as to be used during the drumming session and corporate gifts.
During the prize presentation, Five Star Hardware was being recognized as the Outstanding Distributor for the year 2014 and Malasa Hardware was recognized as the most growing distributor for the year 2014 among other competing distributors. A call was given to other distributors to challenge and take chances so as to emerge winners in the next year 2015/2016 and sell more than the agreed target. Certificates of recognition were also presented to other invitees which included customers, Government agencies and distributors.



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