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MEDIA RELEASE: Tanga Cement Plc Donates 400 bags of Cement for Renovation and Rehabilitation of Ilboru Secondary School

Tanga, 02 September 2016 –Tanga Cement Public Limited Company has donated a total of Fpur hundred (400) bags of Simba cement as a donation towards renovation and rehabilitation of the one of the oldest school in the country , Ilboru Secondary School in Arusha. The cost of donated cement is Tzs 4, 838,000.

Speaking during the hand-over ceremony, Tanga Cement Plc Head of Human Resources, Mrs Diana Malambugi said, “Ilboru is among the oldest schools in Tanzania. And it has produced a good number of leaders in the Government as well as in companies like Tanga Cement. Due toits age, the school buildings will always need some renovations and rehabilitation, with this reason, when we were approached for that we did not hesitate to support by donating cement. My call to other institutions, individuals as well as the Ilboru Alumni to join hands with Tanga cement in making sure we return the school to its old status. Old schools are the treasure of the country. And am not talking about supporting Ilboru only, there are other schools that need this support. If you could remember, in September 2015, we donated cement to Mzumbe Secondary for same purpose”.

Tanga Cement Plc has a CSR Mission Statement and Policy that covers four main areas of Education, health, community development and Environment. In 2016, the Company has already spent a total of Tzs200 million in those areas with higher percentage going to Education.




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