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MEDIA RELEASE:Tanga Cement PLC supports flood victims

Kahama, 10 March 2015

Tanga Cement PLC has donated humanitarian aid to floods victims at Makata in Kahama district through the company CSR program which aims in assisting Tanzania communities.

The humanitarian aid was handed over to Shinyanga Regional Commissioner Mr Ally Fufaga by Tanga Cement Commercial Manager Mr Mattheus Roos. The humanitarian aid was due to the hailstorm that attacked Makata village during the night of 05 March 2015. The donated goods value Tsh 17 million which included items such as blanket, soaps, clothes, drinking water, clothes, etc.

Speaking during the handover ceremony, Tanga Cement Commercial Manager Mr Mattheus Roos said;” we heard of Makata tragedy on media and we as Tanga Cement felt pity for the families. As a cement company we understand the need of food, shelter and clothes. As families become homeless with no food to eat or shelter to preserve themselves, we decided to donate food stuffs and clothes so as they feed themselves and warm themselves. As they are going through this tragedy time, it’s our hope the donation makes them feel they are not alone but rather have full support from the community in general.

He further added;” as part of the CSR program which focus on education, health, environment and community development, we happy to be part of the history of Makata village today. May the clothes and blanket given to you make you all feel warm during this flood time and the food given to you may it feed you all and get strength to face the new life after this tragedy”.

Tanga Cement has been supporting various projects in the community such as building schools, staffs houses, dispensaries, etc.




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