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MEDIA RELEASE:Tanga Cement PLC hands over a block of two furnished classrooms and toilets to Kange Primary School

25 November 2016, Tanga
TTanga Cement Public Limited Company has handed over a block of two furnished classrooms and toilets to Kange Primary School as part of its Corporate Social Investment (CSI) program. The total amount of donation is Tzs 76,860,400/= whereas a block of two classrooms with toilets worth Tzs 69,360,400 and desks worth valued Tzs7,500,000.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony Tanga Cement PLC’s Human Resources Manager Mrs Diana Malambugi said; “We as Tanga Cement PLC; we value education because we all know that there is no substitute to education. We have always been supporting Tanzania community in four areas of Education, Health, Community development and Environment, but if you look at our percentage spent, the major part goes to education. If you look at our annual spent for 2016, more than 30% of our CSR spent went to education, out of that 85% went to Tanga region”

She further added; “A few weeks ago we handed over 100 desks for primary school in Tanga, with the same purpose, that we need our children to get proper education that will be provided in a proper environment. And this is what we have been doing, wherever we build classrooms, we make sure we furnish them with desks and build toilets along with. My call today, and I have been saying this in such events that, we have many institutions, Government and non-government, individual and all wellwishers, who are able to support, let’s join our hands together to make sure we support our children who are our future leaders, future accountants, future engineers, future teachers, and all sorts of professionals that we need for development of our country”.

Tanga Cement PLC’s CSR policy is to invest up to 1% of it profit to pre-defined projects, associations and charities. Defined areas are Education, Health, Community development and Environment.




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