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Tanga Cement PLC (TCCL) has constructed and handed-over six toilets to Kasera Primary School. The school is located at Maweni ward in Tanga. The Company spent a total of Tzs20 million (VAT incl.) for construction of these toilets.

Tanga Cement Company has extended this support to the school after learning from the media that the school is facing problem of toilets, the problem that could cause environmental and health problem to the school community and the neighbours.

Speaking during the handing over event, TCCL’s Deputy Commercial Manager Mr. Yassin Hussein said; “Tanga Cement PLC has been working together with all the stakeholders that have good intention for the Tanzanian community, and among those is Media. We heard news about Kasera primary school’s toilets problem from ITV in August 2013, the problem that could cause health hazards to the school community especially during the rain seasons. The school had only one toilet and it was flooding during rain reason. Tanga Cement Company as the Company that takes its CSR activities to the higher level, did not hesitate to give support to the school.

Mr. Hussein added; “Kasera Primary school is within the community that we operate in, so the Kasera community is our community. We are proud to support our own community; the community that can produce future employees of TCCL. I believe some of these children, are engineers, accountants, marketers and administrators of tomorrow, so taking care of their good health, is like we are taking care of the future manpower”.

Mr. Hussein further added. “We believe with this support, the Kasera Primary school’s performance will increase as children will not have disturbances in their minds as well as the teachers will be teaching comfortably. There will be no fear of health and environmental hazard even during the rain seasons”,

The support given to the school is in part of the company’s CSI program of supporting the Tanzanian community in the areas of Education, Health, Environment and Community development.

Tanga Cement PLC .
15 August 2014



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