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24 September 2013, Tanga – Tanga Cement PLC hands over a health center with furniture to Kichangani residents. The social investment is part of the company Corporate Social Investment program which focuses on improving Tanzania communities in areas of Education, Health, Environment and Community Development. The total project cost is Tzs 98,804,416m.

Speaking during the handing-over event TCCL Managing Director Mr. Reinhardt Swart said; “In 2011 we conducted a campaign on sensitization and HIV testing and counseling for TCCL surrounding communities of Pongwe and Kichangani. During that campaign, we realised that this area had no health center. People, who needed health services, were forced to go to Maweni Prisons, Pongwe or Kange for that service. Tanga Cement PLC as one of the companies that takes its CSR activities to a higher level has a policy that allows us to set aside up to 1% of our profit for the Tanzanian community. Kichangani village is within that Tanzanian community and that’s what had prompted us to construct and furnish this very first heath facility. This is the first health centre for the village and also our first health centre to construct in the country”.

Mr. Swart further added; “It is our hope this health facility will benefit the residents of Kichangani and our fellow employees who also reside in this area”. Mr. Swart also called upon other private and public firms to join hands with Tanga cement and the government to address the health infrastructure problems in the country.

This year, the Company has already spent a total of Tzs304,566,553 on various community projects in Tanzania.


Read MD's speech in full here>>



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