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MEDIA RELEASE: Tanga Cement PLC hands over 160 bags Of Simba Cement to Mikanjuni Primary School for toilet construction

10 September 2015 – Tanga Cement Public Limited Company donated and handed over 160 bags of Simba Cement to Mikanjuni Primary School as part of the company Corporate Social Investment which focuses on supporting Tanzania community. The cost of the donated cement is Tzs 1,888,000.

Speaking during the handing-over event; Tanga Cement Plant Manager Engineer Benedict Lema said; “We are happy to be part of Mikanjuni Primary today by supporting improvement of the school’s environment. Students need better studying environment for them to perform well, and this include well equipped class rooms as well as clean and safe toilets. I believe the support we’re extending today assist improvement of the school and our children will be able to study comfortably.

He further added;” I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Mikanjuni Primary School management for their tireless efforts in ensuring our children study in a safe and clean school environment. One of these efforts is to look for support from various donors including Tanga Cement PLC ”. I know there are still more to be done at school; I encourage you to increase efforts of getting other donors.  I also would like to call upon other institutions and individuals to join forces with Tanga Cement PLC in supporting this school and others with the same needs.”

Tanga Cement PLC CSI policy focuses in areas of education, health, community development and environment sustainability.

10 September 2015




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