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Media Release:
Tanga Cement PLC hands over 500 Bags of Simba Cement to Mpwapwa Secondary School

Tanga, 29 August 2017 - Tanga Cement Public Limited Company has donated a total of Five hundred (500) bags of Simba cement towards renovation of one of the oldest schools in the country, Mpwapwa Secondary School in Dodoma. The cost of donated cement is Tzs 6,342,500.

Speaking during the handing over event which was held at the Tanga Cement PLC plant in Tanga, Logistic and Distribution Manager, Mr Samwel Shoo said; “As a company we are happy and proud to be part of Mpwapwa Secondary School’s history. I think we all here know that, Mpwapwa is among the oldest Government secondary schools in the Tanzania where some many people went to including high profile Government leaders. As Tanga Cement PLC, we are very proud to have some students that went to this school too. The school is among the oldest schools in the country, so due to its age, the most of its infrastructures are in a bad share. When we received their application that they need to renovate it so it can get back to its normal condition; we did not hesitate to give our support. So as you are seeing today, we are handing over 500 bags of cement for the same”.

He further added; “Apart from supporting the school itself, we’re also supporting the Government move of providing better education; It is obvious that better education is provided in a better environment which include good classrooms and other well equipped infrastructure. We expect the improvement that is to be done will support school’s performance”.

Mr Shoo made a call to other institutions, non-government bodies as well as individuals to support education sector in the country.

He said; “My call to all education stakeholders, is to join hands with Tanga Cement PLC in supporting the education sector in the country; we should not leave this to the Government alone. The Government is now proving free education, so let us support it by improving the infrastructure. We are all part of this, those students going to these schools, are our children, our country’s workforce to build this country”.

Tanga Cement PLC has been supporting the Tanzanian community by sharing 1% of its profit for Education, Health, Community development and Environment.

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