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MEDIA RELEASE: Tanga Cement Public Limited Company Donates 600 Bags of Cement to Mzumbe Secondary School

Tanga, 17 September 2015 – Tanga Cement Public Limited Company has donated a total of six hundred (600) bags of Simba Cement as its donation towards renovation of students’ toilets, staff offices and dormitories at Mzumbe Secondary School. The cost of donated cement is Tzs 7,363,000.

Speaking during the handing over event , Tanga Cement PLC Human Resources Manager Ms Diana Malambugi said;” as a company that’s care and value the welfare of our communities, we feel obliged to support the school that build the future experts of Tanzania. In this school, is where some of Tanga Cement experts built their careers at, and that makes us proud to extend this support to the school. We all understand that for students to perform well, they don’t need only good teachers and availability of books, but also good environment that will help to keep their health fit and be able to study well. Future employees of Tanga Cement are also found in this school hence it’s our duty to support the school since we will also be supporting the future of our company experts”.

She further added; “we believe the support extended today, will help to assist the school in their entire projects of renovating the school buildings. I call upon other institution, organizations and stakeholders, to join hands and support Tanzania education sector for our future prospects’’.

Tanga Cement PLC is expecting to spend more than Tzs400 million of this year CSR projects which focuses on education, health, community development and environment.

Tanga Cement PLC
17 September 2015


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