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MEDIA RELEASE:Tanga Cement Company Donates 1000 bags of Cement for Pangani District Schools’ Laboratories, Teachers’ & Doctors’ Houses and Hostels

Tanga, 16 May 2014
Tanga Cement PLC , has donated a total of One Thousand (1000) bags of Simba cement as its donation towards construction of Pangani district Schools’ Laboratories, Teachers and Doctors’ Houses as well as Hostels for Secondary schools’ children. The cost of the donated cement is Tzs12,800,000.

Speaking during the handing-over ceremony, Tanga Cement PLC ’s Plant Manager Eng. Benedict Lema said; “Tanga Cement PLC understands the importance of development, well-being and sustainability of Tanzanian communities and that is why we have been supporting them though our CSI program. And this can be evidenced by the various CSI projects we have been under taking in various areas of the country. We have been supporting school, hospitals, environmental initiative programs as well as community development activities”.

The cement donated covers the Company’s two focus areas of its CSI program which are Education and Health. Two other two areas that are the major focus for the Company are Environment and Community development and sustainability.

The company has already spent a total of Tzs163million for donations and various CSI projects in the country in 2014




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