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MEDIA RELEASE:Tanga Cement PLC Donates 300 bags of Cement for Construction of Health Centre at Kismatui village, Pongwe Ward

Tanga, 26 May 2015

Tanga Cement Public Limited Company, has donated a total of Three hundred (300) bags of Simba cement as its donation towards construction of a village health centre.  The cost of the donated cement is Tzs3,540,000.

Speaking during the handing-over ceremony, Tanga Cement PLC ’s Commercial Manager Mr. Matthews Roos said; “Tanga Cement PLC is a member of the Pongwe community, due to this we feel obliged to support the development of the community that we live in, We are supporting the Pongwe community towards construction of the Health centre because we understand for a person to be able to work or carry out his or her daily activities, must be in good health; There is a very common and true saying that ‘Health is Wealth’. We should always keep in mind that ‘wealth is wealth’ however health is the greatest wealth in this world. Please also remember that this is one of the four areas that we’re focusing on in our CSR program. This has also been evidenced by the support we give in this area; as we’re here today, there’s a health project that is being accomplished in Handeni district, which you’ll also be invited to witness its handing over”.

Other areas that the company is focusing on are Education, Environment and Community development. In 2015, the company is expecting to spend more than Tzs400 million for CSR projects.




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