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MEDIA RELEASE:Tanga Cement PLC Refurbished and Hands-over Saruji Primary School in Tanga

Tanga, 28 August 2014
Tanga Cement PLC (TCCL) has refurbished and handed over Saruji Primary School’s buildings to the school authority in Tanga. The school is located at Kichangani village, in the Tanga City.

The refurbishment has included seven classrooms, four offices, store rooms and toilet blocks for students and teachers. The total amount spent is Tzs80million

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, TCCL Managing Director Mr. Reinhardt Swart said; “This is another milestone achieved for our Company. We all understand that any school environment must be empowering, providing students with skills, knowledge as well as confidence that they need for taking control of their lives and their future”.

Mr. Swart further said; “These are our children, they deserve great schooling and we are delivering them today. It is critically important that children are learning in a safe and secure environment. After receiving the application from the school authority, we realized again, that our contribution to the nation future is paramount and of the highest priority. Education is key to any country’s development; and this has always been motivating us to continue to support the development of education in Tanzania by ensuring that school children get proper education in a proper environment. We have been doing this for years and in various areas in Tanzania. We are proud to be one of the main contributors in investing in the future of our children and our great Nation”.

“We strive to create enabling environments, learning and growth opportunities and a
balanced approach to life. Classrooms alone are not enough. When we assist schools, we make sure that they are furnished and stocked and we always ensure that the hygiene factors are taken care of by also constructing flushing toilets and washing facilities. Our Children at Saruji Primary did not have the privilege of access to a hygienic, healthy schooling environment. They were exposed to severe dusty conditions and toxic fumes from the nearby bathroom facilities. As children’s health is so uniquely affected by the environment they are exposed to is Simba Cement proud to be in a position to care”. Mr Swart added.

Tanga Cement PLC ’s CSI focus areas remain Community Health, Early
Education, Community development and Environment Sustainability.




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