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MEDIA RELEASE:Tanga Cement PLC hands over a block of two classrooms, 70 Desks and 2 toilets to Sing’isi Secondary School in Arumeru

Arumeru, 18 February 2015 – Tanga Cement PLC has constructed and handed over a block of two classrooms, 70 desks and 2 toilets to Singi’si Secondary School as part of the company Corporate Social Investment which aims at supporting Tanzania community in different areas of the country. The total donation cost is Tzs 64,174,700.

Speaking during the handing-over ceremony, Tanga Cement PLC Managing Director Mr Reinhardt Swart said; “We as Tanga Cement understand and believe that every child needs a proper education; and this proper education can only be provided in a proper environment. And we cannot get proper environment if we do not have properly furnished classrooms.” We believe by supporting these children we are supporting the future Tanzanian professionals. We are very proud to be part of this school, we’ve written a history today, so let the students and teachers of this school embrace it”. Mr Swart further added; At Tanga Cement, we have various professions working in the company, including engineers, accountants, administrators, so let future professions of Tanga Cement PLC come from this
school. By the time when am retired, old and grey; I would be happy to hear the future MD of this Tanga Cement came from this school. I would also like to ask you the students to observe discipline, without discipline, you will not be able to go further, you need to respect your teachers, parents as well as your fellow students”. My call to other institutions, donors and other friends, to join hands with Tanga Cement PLC in supporting the Government in uplifting the country’s education sector; We have donated these classrooms, desks and toilets, but I believe there are more needs for this school that need to be addressed”.

Tanga Cement PLC has been supporting various CSR activities including the four major areas that the company is focusing on of Education, Health, Community development and Environment. In 2014, the company spent a total of Tzs375.9m in various community development activities.




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