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MEDIA RELEASE: Simba Cement recognised as a SUPERBRAND

Dar es Salaam, 15 June 2015

Most manufacturers in Tanzania say their survival depends on the quality of their products entering the market. With the increasing competition which is partly resulted from new entrants in the market, it is only quality that will make them survive. Manufactures expressed their views towards quality of their goods during the Super brand Award ceremony 2015/2016 which was held on 15 June 2015 at Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Speaking during the award ceremony, Tanga Cement PLC Managing Director Mr Reinhardt Swart said,” the award is a recognition of the trust customers have towards our cement brands and promising to consistently continue maintaining the quality. Competition is good for customers and it forces manufacturers to focus on quality”.

He further added;” Although cement companies have been increasing their capacities, there is still more room for growth. We will continue investing for our expansion strategy as the market is still promising”.

During the award giving ceremony, other companies that were awarded included Ando Roofing, NBC, DHL, Chai Bora and Masumin Printers.




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