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MEDIA RELEASE:Tanga Cement PLChands over a total of 100 desks to Tanga District Commissioner

19 October 2016, Tanga
Tanga Cement Public Limited Company has donate a total of one hundred (100) desks to Tanga District Commissioner as part of its donation to support the national Desks campaign which has been conducted in throughout the country. Total cost of the desks is Tzs 14,750.000/=, and desks are for three hundred (300) students since one desk takes three (3) students.

Speaking during the handing over ceremony Tanga Cement PLC’s Head of Human Resources Mrs Diana Malambugi said; “We as Tanga Cement PLC are joining hands with the Government of United Republic of Tanzania in the desks donation campaign.We believe better education is provided in a better environment. We have all witnessed an increase in number of students in schools after Government to announce free education for primary and secondary schools. Due to the increase in number of students, the available infrastructures could not accommodate the increased number.

As education stakeholders in the country, wewere moved by this and decided to be part of the campaign to enable our children get desks so they can study in a better and safe environment.When students sit on the floor it’s not easy for them to maintain cleanness of their uniforms and stationaries like exercise books and they will also have poor concentration, even writing becomes difficult when you sit on the floor”.

She added; “We have always been donating in education sector by constructing classrooms, and whenever we construct classrooms we furnish them with desks and construct toilets along with; so my call today to other companies, Government and non-Government institutions, as well as individuals to join hands with the Government this desks donations campaign for betterment of education in the country as we have done today”.

Apart from donating desks, Tanga Cement PLC has been donating in education sector by constructing classrooms with desks together with toilets, libraries, laboratories, teachers’ houses and cement for construction of various education infrastructures.

Tanga Cement PLC has donated a total of Two Hundred Twenty Million (220,000,000) for its CSR activities in the country for 2016. This is part of the 1% of its profit.




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