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MEDIA RELEASE:Tanga Cement PLC celebrates Women's Day

Tanga, 21 March 2015

All around the world, International women’s day is the day to remember and appreciate the role and strength contributed by women to the community. The commemoration of celebrating women’s day is to call for more and greater equality for women.

Each year, International Women’s day is celebrated on 08 March 2015. The commemoration focuses on appreciating the roles and achievements by a woman both politically, socially and economically.

Tanga Cement celebrated women’s day on 21 March 2015 at Tanga Beach Resort, the event that  was organized by all Tanga Cement women marked with a theme “More women in Tanga Cement”, to appreciate the role played by women at Tanga Cement. This went along in encouraging those women who are technicians and Engineer. Fortunately, at our company there are four of them including; Irene Lema Mechanical Supervisor, Mary Piccey Tester, Leah Mwisota Maintenance Planner and Sophia Kapama Heavy equipment Operator.

 The event was also marked out by celebrating the long serving women at Tanga Cement and an inspirational woman. The long serving woman at Tanga Cement was Mwanahawa Juma who is at Finance division and inspirational women award went to Rosemary Kashaga who is also at Finance division.

The event was also flunked by various activities such as dancing competition, Swahili words competition, creative outfit of the day, games, etc.
The event was flunked by Tanga Cement women day dress code which was a kitenge that was given to every female employees at the plant. We could not forget our female distributors who plays a role in distributing our cement and also there was an inspirational external speaker from Tanga Florence Mwakasege, who is the only female engineer at TANESCO Tanga office.

Speaking during the ceremony Tanga Cement Managing Director Mr Reinhardt Swart said, “As we get together today to celebrate the achievements of women in our company, let’s this day seal the togetherness and support to one another as you celebrate this remarkable day in a style. May each one of you be a source of encouragement towards ones journey”.

Furthermore speaking during the ceremony, Tanga Cement Human Resource Manager Diana Malambugi said;” Today’s event seal the bond of togetherness and support to one another. We need more women employees at Tanga Cement and more engineers. Take chances and be strong. Let’s support each other”.
For us, Tanga Cement Women this event was very special filled with happiness, encouraged us to be strong and also built love and unity among us.




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