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Tanga Cement Builds Two Residential Houses for the Tanga Police

Pongwe, 12 February 2010 - Tanga Cement Company has built and handed over two residential houses to the Tanga Police. These houses are located in Pongwe (Saruji Village) where the Company had already built and donated a Police Station to serve the community. The support extended to the Police in Tanga is in part to support the Police Force in maintaining law and order as well as to contribute a much needed service in the area. The amount spent in the construction of these houses is Tzs 90million. The Saruji Police Station handed over in year 2008 was constructed at a cost of Tzs 50million.

Tanga Cement also contributes to the Tanga Regional Business Fund Against Crime (TRBFAC), a Tanga CTI Outreach initiative set up to support the Regional Police in the maintenance of law and order. This Fund was set up in response to the request from the former Tanga RC, Hon. Mohamed Abdulaziz (MP), to the private sector to support the police in the Region in the maintenance of law and order. So far, there are 166 businesses in Tanga that have contributed towards this fund. Tanga Cement’s contribution made to this Fund from 2007 to present is Tzs 125million. This funding has, so far, gone into buying 5 motorcycles, IT training for RPCs and RCOs, construction to 4 police posts (in Magomeni, Gofu, Mikanjuni, Amboni Mafuriko), community sensitisation using TV media (TangaTV), and in the administration of the fund and its initiatives.

As a member member of the Tanga Community, Tanga Cement Company is proud to be part of a group initiative that is supporting the Tanga Regional Police.




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