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Media Release:
Tanga Cement PLC Donates Blood for Bombo Regional Hospital and Blood Bank Refrigerator for Rosminian Kwalukonge Health Centre

Tanga, 28 June 2012

Tanga Cement PLC ’s employees have donated blood for Tanga regional hospital – Bombo. A total of 65 employees of Tanga Cement Company were able to donate 59 units of blood.

During the same event, Tanga Cement PLC donated a blood bank refrigerator for Rosminian Kwalukonge Health centre. The blood bank refrigerator has the capacity of 158litres of blood. The Company spent a total of Tzs9.8million for the blood bank refrigerator.

Speaking at the blood donation exercise and handing-over ceremony, the Company’s Acting Managing Director Mr. Benedict Lema said: “In celebrating Tanzania blood donor day, we at Tanga Cement Company have decided to donate blood and the blood bank refrigerator. We know that the country suffers a deficit of 67% blood requirement. By today’s donation, we believe it will reduce the 67% to a lesser amount”. Mr. Lema further said: “We have donated to save Tanzanians lives as we know there are so many Tanzanians at the hospitals who are in need of blood now, among blood transfusion recipient are accident victims, pregnant women, women who need blood post delivery as well as there are children below the age of 5years. We believe the blood we have donated can reduce the blood deficit problem that the country is facing”.

He added: “We have also donated a blood bank refrigerator for Rosminian Kwalukonge Health Centre that is also within the Tanga region. The blood bank will be used to store blood because it has to be preserved in a clean and safer environment to avoid contamination”.

The Company was able to support the Rosminian Kwalukonge Health Centre through its CSI programme which focuses on the areas of Education, Health, Community development and Environment.




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