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Tanga Cement extend Kilimarathon sponsorship

Tanzania Cement manufacturer, Tanga Cement PLC (TCCL), have revealed that their sponsorship toward the annual Kilimanjaro Marathon is consistent due to its nature of having elements of stimuli to the society and its participants.

This was revealed by TCCL Managing Director Erik Westerberg immediately after the conclusion of the international marathon race that was held at Ushirika grounds in Moshi, Kilimanjaro region last weekend whereby Kenyans dominated the full and half marathon races. According to Westerberg, since the inception of the marathon races nine years ago, TCCL has been participating in the sponsorship process by establishing water and sponging points for participants. Additionally, it has been sponsoring its employees to participate in the races.

“We are enchanted to sponsor these marathon races which helps to maintain body fitness for good health, since it workers have poor health they don’t perform well, a factor which justifies why 28 of our workers participated in this race this year,” he said. Apart from the significant achievement in this race, he threw a challenge to its organizers; Wild Frontiers Company to rectify some of the shortfalls, which according to his views, they are the foundation of the current obstructions.

He mentioned some of the shortfalls as intrusion of unnecessary vehicles in the selected marathon routes for both mega and semi marathon races.“I personally participated in the five kilometers Vodacom race, but it is very embarrassing for the participants,” he said.

During this year’s races, more than 4000 contestants from some 35 countries around the globe participated whereas apart from TCCL several other companies sponsored the marathon.


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