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7th Simba Cement Open International Tennis Tournament

Dar es Salaam, 15 September 2012

The East Africa’s biggest prize money international tennis event, the Simba Cement Open International Tennis Tournament has ended today at the Dar es Salaam Gymkhan Club. A total of 88 players inclusive of wheelchair tennis players participated in this popular and highly competitive tennis event.

The overall winners in this event are Edgar Kazembe of Zambia in the men’s single and Carolyn Oduor of Kenya in the ladies’ singles. On the wheelchair tennis players, the ultimate honours went to Yohana Mwila in the men’s single and to Scolastica Pius on the ladies single.

This five-day tournament attracted the participation of the region’s best players and beyond. There were players from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

This year’s tournament had a total prize money of US$9,090, which is the biggest prize money tennis tournament in the region. Featuring categories were Men’s Singles and Doubles, Ladies’ Singles and Doubles, Veteran’ Singles and Mixed Doubles, Wheelchair Men’s and Ladies’ Singles and Wheelchair Doubles.

Speaking at the prize distribution ceremony, Tanga Cement Company’s Managing Director, Mr. Erik Westerberg said; “In 2010 I made a promise of adding prize if a Tanzanian player wins this tournament; am still keeping that promise. Am doing this to encourage local players to work hard so they can grab that prize, which am not saying what it is.”

He further said; “Am very much impressed to see wheel chair tennis players in this year’s tournament, you have proved that disability is not inability, well done and keep on participating in more tournaments, as that will enable you to go further and I believe one day you will play and win other big international tournaments.”

Mr Westerberg also congratulated the winners and other participants for their participation. He also praised the organiser, the TTA Secretary General, Mrs Inger-Joanne Njau for being on the front line to make sure the event becomes a success.
He made appeal to other companies and institutions to sponsor sport events in the country that will give a room to discover and improve talents of Tanzanians.

Tanga Cement PLC
15 September 2012



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