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Tanga Cement; Proud sponsors of Kili Marathon 2012

March, 2012

Tanga Cement PLC , producer of the well-known Simba Cement brand, has been a proud sponsor of the Kilimanjaro Marathon since 2003. We are one of the few companies that have been part of the race from the beginning.

We have been doing this because we are a company that likes sports. Tanga Cement PLC comprises individuals who enjoy having fun in everything that they do. Our operational yardstick is in such a way that we work as a powerful team that operates under the brand name of what is considered as King of the jungle, Simba (Kiswahili word for Lion). We therefore go to Kilimanjaro Marathon as members of the Simba Family. We are proud to be associated with this event – Kilimanjaro marathon.

Tanga Cement PLC is one of the firms and the company says, though its contract to sponsor the event expires this year, it is determined to renew the sponsorship contract as Kilimanjaro Marathon has proved itself to be a good place for the company to put its money in.



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