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Tanga Cement PLC set to extend Kili Marathon contract

March 4th, 2014
Tanzania Daily News

Tanga Cement PLC  (TCCL) through its product, Simba Cement has pledged to continue supporting the Kilimanjaro International Marathon, annually Marathon taking place in Moshi.

Speaking immediately after the end of this year's competition at the ground of MUCCOBS, Moshi on Sunday, Tanga Cement, Commercial Manager, Hamish Fraser said that his company will continue to sponsor the event next year immediately after the end of the two years contract this year.

He noted that Simba Cement was proud to enter into a contract of USD 17,000 for the last two years, in which the Tanga-based company has been providing refreshments and water sponging centre for athletes.

Referring to this year's competition, Simba Cement, Managing Director,Reinhardt Swart said that Kilimanjaro Marathon is one the company's given highlight events of the year.

"We always enjoy this wonderful environment in running such a spectacular setting under Mount Kilimanjaro and while we take this pride to be associated with this prestigious event in the Tanzania calendar", he added.

The Director, who participated in the tournament for the first time this year since he was chosen as the new Simba Cement MD said that he would like to see more athletes from outside the country take part in the races next year.

"It is my hope that Kilimanjaro Marathon might become big and gaining popularity even more than New York Marathon competition," he said.

Simba Cement started to sponsor the annual races in 2003. The main sponsor is Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) through its beer Kilimanjaro Premium lager. This year's event attracted over 6000 runners from in and outside the country.




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