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Media Release: Ground Breaking – Tanga Cement Company’s Kiln No. 2

Tanga, August 14, 2013

Tanga Cement PLC and TDI broke ground today to mark the commencement of the expansion of the Company’s production facilities in Tanga, whereby a second clinker manufacturing line will be constructed, with an installed capacity of 775,000 tons per year.

This will be the second expansion project the Company is carrying out since it’s commissioning in 1980.  The other expansion was done in the period 2009-2010, when it installed and commissioned its Cement Mill number 2. 

Speaking during the event, the TCCL Board Chairperson Mr. Lau Masha said; “This is another historical event for the Company, as we have been talking about this expansion for quite some time now.  We are very happy that today is the beginning of the long awaited event”.

He further added; “With the second kiln, we will be able to cover the deficit gap for our clinker requirements.  We have been importing clinker from abroad, which, as you all know, is subject to foreign currency volatility, price changes as well as piracy.  We are now confident that after the completion of this project the afore-mentioned challenges will be history”.

With this development the company’s annual clinker manufacturing capacity more than doubles to 1,275,000 tons. The 155% increase in clinker production capacity will significantly reduce the cost and risks associated with importing clinker. 

The addition of new capacities by Tanga Cement PLC has increased the current capacities of Tanzania cement plants to 3.5 million tons which surpasses the current domestic demand of 3 million tons per year.

Tanga Cement PLC is the manufacturer of the well known Simba brand of Cement.  It is Tanzania’s first publicly listed cement company.  It employs 300 people directly and 5,000 indirectly. 


Tanga Cement Company

14 August 2013



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