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Simba Cement Pre-Davis Cup Camp

December, 2011

Simba Cement sponsored the Pre-Davis Cup Camp in Tanga from 14th to 21st December 2011.  The camp with 8 players from Arusha and Dar es Salaam, had been trained by the international tennis consultant, coach Fabrizio Caldarone.


Simba Cement sponsored this camp by paying Tzs3,260,000 for players expenses, USD2500 for the coach and 450 bags (cost is Tzs5.94mio) of cement for construction of the tennis courts. Speaking at the camp opening ceremony, acting Managing Director of Tanga Cement PLC , Mr. David Lee said “We at Tanga Cement PLC know the importance of sports.  We know that sports is health and health is wealth. We know that sports is employment and employment makes you earn a living.  Sports inculcate good qualities in human beings, so if you are involving yourself in a competitive sports, it means you are encouraging healthy competition. We also believe that this country can do better in sports including tennis, and this can only be achieved if other stakeholders join hands with us in supporting sports in Tanzania”. He also urged the players to work hard and observe discipline for their success.

Simba Cement has been working with the Tanzania Tennis Association by sponsoring various tennis activities.  August this year, Simba Cement sponsored the Simba Juniour Tennis camp as well as the Simba Cement International Tennis Tournament.


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