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TCCL donates two houses to Maweni Prisons

Tanga, January 24, 2014


Hon Minister, first and foremost, I would like to congratulate you for being able to retain your seat in the Cabinet of the United Republic of Tanzania under the same capacity of Minister for Industry and Trade. We at Tanga Cement Company were very much delighted with the news of you remaining in your position. Apart from you being one of the MPs from Tanga region, for years TCCL has been working closely with your ministry and you personally. Hongera sana.

Hon Minister, am also taking this opportunity to thank you personally for accepting our invitation to this event. The notice was short, and your schedule is very busy, however, that did not make you hesitate to accept our invitation. We still believe that TCCL is like one of your kids. I was informed that you were in the front line to facilitate TCCL privatization in 1996. Asante sana for still taking care of us.
Hon Minister, we at TCCL believe and understand that the cornerstone of any CSR program is the commitment to give back to the community.

Yes, you can preserve the environment and make the areas clean or for communities, but if these people’s lives are not well taken care of, all that you’re doing will not have much value.
We always believe in sharing, and this has been executed through our CSR Policy and mission statement that allows us to spend up to 1% of our profit for the Tanzanian community. We believe it is possible to be profitable and at the same time being socially responsible. We are very concerned about sustainability of the Tanzanian community because these are the people that buy Simba Cement – our customers, these are the people that we buy some materials from- our suppliers, these are the people that will work for TCCL and at the same time support growth of TCCL - Their sustainability is our sustainability.

Hon Minister, our commitment in supporting the community around us can visibly be seen and easily remembered. Apart from constructing these Maweni prisons’ houses, our very close neighbors, four months ago, same date in September 2013, we handed-over a dispensary for Kichangani village, the village that is also close to our operation. The occasion that was graced by the then Deputy Minister for Health, Hon. Dr. Seif Rashid, who is now Minister for the same ministry - my congratulations go to him too for his appointment.

Apart from that, we have recently finished construction of a science laboratory for Pongwe Secondary School, of which we are in the process of furnishing it before handing-it over to the Pongwe Secondary school authority. We are also renovating Saruji primary school as the school had been in a very poor condition. These are just a few of our recent projects in our very close community. We believe that the place we operate in is also the place we live in. We spend more of our time here than in our own houses. We just go to our houses to sleep. So we proud to take care of our neighbouring community. This is our home because of the relationship we have established, and strengthened with the people around us.

Hon Minister, TCCL has not only been providing support to the community around our operation but also other areas in the country. As per our product tag line that says, Simba Cement – Inayojenga Tanzania, have we been building Tanzania by not only selling cement to the Tanzanians, but also supporting them through our CSR program. And this is proven by various projects that we have been undertaking. We have constructed and furnished, Classrooms with toilets, Girls’ Hostel and teachers’ houses in various areas of the country like, Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Manyara, Morogoro, Mtwara, Tabora, Singida - just to mentioned a few. We have another on-going health project for Handeni District hospital that we expect for finish and hand over to the district authority during this first quarter of 2014. TCCL is proud to be one of the very good corporate citizens of this country.

Hon Minister, let me conclude my speech by asking other firms and friends in Tanga and Tanzania at large to join hands with TCCL in supporting the Tanzanian communities. Let one of the 2014 agenda of the firms in Tanga be giving back to the Tanga communities. And other firms in Tanzania to put CSR, before any decision they need to make.

With these few words, I would like to thank you all for your attention.

Nawatakia siku njema na kazi njema.





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