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TCCL in the Press

Tanga cementís multi-purpose hall provides a safe and clean environment for Maasai community

Leadingarchitecture.co.za| 1/10/2013 Tanzania

Tanga Cement Company pesents two classrooms, desks to Mtwara school

IPP Media | 17/09/2013 Tanzania

Cement firm donates classrooms desks to primary school in mtwara
The Citizen | 17/09/2013 Tanzania

Cheap cement imports deprive Dar of 8bn/- in uncollected taxes
The Citizen | 10/09/2013 Tanzania

Cement firms bow to competition, Simba cement profit drops 33pc
The Citizen | 4/09/20130 Tanzania

Tanzania cement makers hurt by stiff competition
The Citizen |4/09/20130 Tanzania

Cement firm to spend $165m on expansion
The Citizen | 15/08/20130 Tanzania

Cement firm invests 260bn/-
Daily News | 15/08/20130 Tanzania

Tanga Cement celebrates ground-breaking of new kiln line
China Cement | 15/08/20130 Tanzania

Tanzania: Cement Firm Invests Sh260 Billion

All Africa | 15/08/20130 Tanzania

Tanga Cement breaks ground for Kiln No. 2 expansion
Guardian | 15/08/20130 Tanzania

Uzalishaji saruji kuongezeka nchini- TCCL

Majira | 15/08/20130 Tanzania

Demand for construction materials on the increase
Daily News | 01/08/20130 Tanzania

Coast Region reclaims over 1,700 to ARV use
Daily News | 31/07/20130 Tanzania

Cement output set to hit 7 million tonnes
Daily News |  09/07-13 04:45 |  Tanzania

Third extractive industry report points finger at gold mining companies
Daily News |  09/07-13 01:30 |  Tanzania



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