CSR Mission & Policy Statement

As part of our commitment to sustainable development, we at Tanga Cement PLC recognize our social responsibilities and aim to visibly play a leading role within the company’s spheres of influence.

CSR Policy Statement
We are committed to work with all our stakeholders, building and maintaining relations of mutual respect and trust.

We aim to contribute and improve the quality of life of our workforce, their families and the communities around our operations. Our focus areas for social investments are health, education, community development and environment.

The CSR policy statement is an important element of our business and serves as guidance for our decisions and actions.

The elaboration of the policy is based on the input of internal and external stakeholders and focuses on areas within our local spheres of influence.

Tanga Cement plc’s CSI policy is we invest up to 1% of our profit after tax to specific and pre-defined projects, associations and charities. Defined areas for corporate social investments are:

Health is key to productivity and development. Tanzania does not have enough health care infrastructure to cater to its increasing population.

The HIV/AIDS scourge has affected the country’s development progress and reduced the population in the active age group. Tanga Cement PLC is focused on the support of construction of health facilities in the regions we operate within Tanzania.

Tanga Cement PLC is particularly focused on education because as employers we want to contribute to increasing the talent pool from which we recruit whilst simultaneously benefiting the economy and society as a whole. A good formal education however, must be given in the furnished classroom and our involvement is in the construction of the required infrastructure as determined by the communities in the regions in which we operate in Tanzania.

Community Development:
Tanga Cement PLC supports community based initiatives that lead to income generation for the communities within the regions we operate in Tanzania. This involves defined support of specific orphanages,particularly those with children orphaned because of HIV/AIDS as well as those infected with the virus.

Tanga Cement PLC supports community initiatives that lead to conservation and rehabilitation of the environment.

This involves support of specific conservation and environmental rehabilitation projects. Spheres of influence is defined as investments and activities within defined focus areas in regions where Tanga Cement Company PLC operates.

This policy is subject to regular re-evaluation and revision based on stakeholder involvement and consultation.