Cement FAQ

What is the minimum quantity I can buy?

This can vary depending on the area and availability of vehicles.Our minimum is 100 bags. In outlying areas, it’s 100 tone. Contact us at 0800 11 00 85 | 0800 11 00 86 to find out what the minimum is for your area.



What is the life span of cement?

On average, cement life span is about three months. However, environmental conditions will affect cement. Ideally, cement should be stored in a dry, enclosed area, off the floor and protected from the elements.

What is the price for a bag of cement?

Cement price is not standard. Location is one of the factors which affect pricing. We take into account the logistics and cost associated to deliver to your area, and quote once we have full delivery details.

Can I collect cement from your factories?

We try and limit collections from our depots and factories as much as possible. Our deliveries run on tight schedules and confirmed delivery times. Were we to allow collections, we would not be able to meet our delivery commitments.

How do I mix cement for a DIY project?

For the best outcome, it's important that your mix proportions are accurate and suit the job that you are busy with. Each of our products is accompanied with a guide on how to achieve the best results.

How do I place an order?

You can get in touch with us by phone, or email:

Free numbers 0800 11 00 85 | 0800 11 00 86

Email: sales@simbacement.co.tz



What is your BEE status?

Tanga cement PLC is a level 6 Broad Based Economic Empowerment contributor. A copy of our BEE certificate is available on request.

Which product is ideal for my project?

With the correct mix proportions, most of our products can be used in most applications. Our technical division can also provide you with advice. We can work hand-in-hand with the Consulting Engineers or technical staff to come up with the most economic mix for your project.

How do I pay for my cement purchase?

You can either open a cash account or a credit account. With a cash account, you pay cash upfront before delivery. A credit account is subject to a credit approval and allows you the flexibility to pay for your purchases 30 days after delivery date.