How many employees do we have?

Currently the company has over 300 employees.

How is the Training and Development carried out?

We believe that time, thought, action and money should be devoted to ensure that all employees are developed to their full potential by providing them with training, education and career advancement opportunities.We expect employees to take full responsibility for their development and to commit themselves to improving their productivity and worth to the Company

Why join TCCL Company?Why join TCCL Company? 

TCCL Company seeks to be the employer of choice. Join us and join a dynamic company that offers a multitude of challenges and opportunities. TCCL is part of AfriSam Group. If you are looking for a rewarding career in a competitive learning environment, then you should consider a career with TCCL Company.

What background does a person need to work at TCCL Company?

TCCL Company employs qualified people from different backgrounds. We seek to recruit persons with qualities and potential that we believe are essential for strong performance.

How can I stay informed of the latest news about TCCL? 

TCCL makes annoucements to the general public through the media on any news that is of public and shaeholder interest. The Company's website is also a good source of valuable stakeholder information.

Who do I contact for technical information? 

Enquiries and questions of technical nature should be addressed to info@simbacement.co.tz

Any of our very qualified technicians will respond to you.

How can I get TCCL sponsorships?

Sponsorships are evaluated on a need-to and relevance basis. The company has in the past sponsored sports events and continues to do so as well as community events. These sponsorships are not to be confused with the Company's Corporate Social Investments (CSI) Programme which is structured and focuses on 4 key areas which are: health, education, community development and environmental conservation. The CSI commitments are generally long-term and involve concrete investments in different communities to address their developmental needs.

Contact for additional information: info@simbacement.co.tz

In which regions does TCCL have sales offices?

Please view our regional sales offices page

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