Corporate Social investments

Tanga Cement PLC has a clearly defined Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Mission and Policy Statement and has been supporting communities throughout Tanzania for many years, with the main focus being Education, Health, Community Development and Environment.

The Company works closely with local authorities to identify communities that need help and always tries to assist, when resources are available.

As a Company, Tanga cement PLC understands the importance of the communities within which it operates and is committed to applying best practices in caring for the local Tanzanian communities. As stated by the policy that governs CSR,Tanga cement PLC has been setting aside a 1% of its profit for the Tanzanian community.

In 2013, Tanga Cement PLC spent over Tzs 356 million on CSI projects in the country. A total of 16 projects were initiated during the year and while 14 were finished and handed-over to the respective communities, the remaining two are on-going and are expected to be finished during 2014.

Following is the summary of the amount of money spent per focus area and projects.


Tzs 88.4 million, 27% of total budget for all CSR projects, was spent in education by building classrooms, toilets and donating desks in different areas of the country like, Arusha, Mtwara and Tanga.

Tanga cement PLC has been doing this to support the Government of United Republic of Tanzania’s initiative of making sure every child gets proper education in a conducive environment with good infrastructure.


Tzs 65 million, 20% of the total budget for all CSI projects, was spent on various projects. Among these,Tanga cement PLC paid cash to refer a petient for further treatment in India.

The Company also supported breast and cervical cancer awareness for Tanga District Authority during World International Women’s day. In addition, furniture was donated to the Kichangani village dispensary, which was constructed by the company in 2012.

There is one on going health project in Handeni district hospital in Tanga region that is expected to be accomplished in 2014.

Community Development

Tzs 147 million, 45% of the total 2013 CSI budget, was spent on projects, including the renovation of Police Camp houses for Tanga Regional Police authority and purchase of tyres for police cars. This was done as part of Tanga cement PLC’s contribution to the Tanga Business Fund Against Crime.

The construction of staff houses for Maweni prison and support for various other community development activities were also carried out in 2013.

The Environment in 2013, the Company spent Tzs 23.98 million, 7% of the 2013 CSI budget, at Saruji Primary School, upgrading environmental conditions which were in a very bad state.

Tanga cement PLC decided to support this school because it is in one of the communities close to the plant. This is an ongoing project and will be completed in 2014