Together with our stakeholders,Tanga cement realise the importance of doing our best to conserve our environment. Realising that the cement industry is a significant contributor to the world’s green house gases and, with ‘Planet’ as one of our core values, we make every effort to minimise our impact on the environment.

Tanga cement is an industrial leader in emission reduction and energy management, with the distinction of creating the world’s first carbon dioxide (CO2) measurement for our products, setting new benchmarks in the construction industry.

We began monitoring our greenhouse gas emission in 1980 and implemented a fully fledged CO2 reduction programme in 2000, setting ambitious targets to reduce emissions associated with our products.

As a result of on-going research, we actively drive down the Carbon (CO2) footprint of our products and have even developed products with roughly half the world average Carbon footprint of Ordinary Portland cement. Our Eco Building Cement is testament to this drive.

This unique cement is specially blended high quality 42.5N cement suitable for use in all structural and building applications. It is made using a combination of Portland cement and mineral components which are less harmful to the environment.

This philosophy is further applied to all our brands and quarries which also actively drive down their impact on the environment and produce high performance products with low Carbon footprints.