Cement tips

Your guide to concreting
Provided sufficient attention is paid to the selection of concrete materials, mix proportions, placing, compaction, finishing and curing of concrete, the results should be strong, durable, look good, meets the required strength and last a lifetime.

Your guide to plastering
Sand-cement plaster is used extensively in building work as a decorative or protective coating for concrete, masonry walls and concrete ceilings.The mix have good workability which is easy to work on.

Your guide to bricklaying
Bedding Mortar binds bricks and blocks together to give strength and stability to a wall. Freshly mixed mortar must be soft and flexible (good workability mix), so that it spreads easily and makes good contact, without becoming too harsh mix during the bedding process.

Your guide to concrete brick & block making
Tanga Cement PLC hope this guide is useful in establishing and maintaining a successful brick or block making business. Producing units of the highest quality with economical viability.