Training & Development

Tanga Cement PLC believes that for employees to play their full role in the achievement of the Company’s business objectives, there should exist an on going comprehensive and effective training and development process at all levels.

The company therefore invests in personal and professional development from the start of an individual’s career.

The periodic People Forum is part of the on going process of evaluating people’s performance and identifying their potential to meet the Company’s targets.

Tanga Cement PLC makes use of on-the-job training, mentoring, coaching, exchange programs within Group Companies, corporate programs, and also formal external training programs to help employees develop the required skills.

Tanga Cement Equal Employment Opportunity Plan


10/12/2023 Mechanical Execution Manager CLOSED
08/12/2023 Planners CLOSED
06/12/2023 CCR Operators CLOSED
30/08/2022 Preventive Maintanance Inspector CLOSED
25/08/2022 Admin Clerk II CLOSED
08/08/2022 Preventive Maintanance Inspector CLOSED
08/08/2022 Preventive Maintanance Inspector CLOSED
08/07/2022 Dispatch Clerk II CLOSED
15/06/2022 HR-Officer CLOSED

Tanga Cement PLC advertises vacancies in the newspapers, job listing websites and social network sites.

You may also contact our Human Resources at for available careers opportunities.

Thank you.